How to Grow Distributed Leadership

How to develop leadership if your organisation is less like a pyramid and more like a network.

Extending Full Circle Leadership

Revealing even more leadership patterns and dynamics using the Full Circle model.

On Being a Risk-Averse Entrepreneur

By taking risks together, we can enable more people to become startup founders.

Running Agile Scrum on our Relationship

My partner and I are process nerds. We thought, why not use our project management tools on our relationship?

Being a Circle in a World Made for Triangles

Why transparent, community-driven financial power is a game changer. Enabling collectives to engage with the world of money.

No Boss Does Not Mean No Leadership

Leadership is the force that achieves desired outcomes through coordinated effort. It doesn’t require a boss.

Full Circle Leadership

How does an idea become reality in a bossless network? Get beyond "dreamers vs doers" and see the whole leadership picture.

Launching Open Collective NZ

Fund-holding and fiscal sponsorship for kiwi initiatives and communities who want to raise money without all the painful parts.

The Hero Founder Fallacy

Want gender balance at conferences? Then expand who you think is worth hearing from.

Grow Your Own Economy in a Company

Don’t wait for the system out there to change — make your own rules and live in the economy you want, right now.

On Firing Myself

My experience has taught me that firing myself is an essential aspect of purposeful, self-determined work.

Collaborative Funding

Dissolve authority, empower everyone, and crowdsource a smarter, transparent budget.

The Dark Sides of Leadership

Every kind of leadership has a shadow side. Here's 8 archetypes. Can you see your own?

Surrounded by Taonga

How learning from Māori has enriched my life and sent me down the path of discovering my own story.

Defining the Leadership X-Factor

Can it be taught or are you born with it? The evidence-based answer is simpler than I thought.

9 Decision Types You Should Know

There is no one ‘right’ decision-making protocol — different contexts call for different approaches.

Breathe in Leadership, Breathe out Leadership

How we upgraded core systems and processes in a distributed network without bosses.

When Business met Occupy

The origin of Loomio. Innovating for True Collaborative Decision-Making.