Executive Director,
Open Source Collective

Open Collective is an open-source transparent crowdfunding platform. By re-imagining fiscal sponsorship for the digital age, it enables a new type of collaborative organisation for our times. The Open Source Collective is a non-profit umbrella organisation providing the legal and fiscal infrastructure for more than 1100 open source projects to raise and spend money.

This talk explains my current work and how all my recent work is related.

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Dark Crystal, Co-founder, 2018

Back up your secrets using the trust in your social network, with a fully P2P decentralised app. Our first step in a bigger vision to make crypto and cypherspace more accessible to diverse people.

YWCA, Executive Officer, 2017

The YWCA empowers women, especially young women. I led national operations: funding, facilitating strategy, financial systems, reducing costs, and a complete website and communications refresh.

EHF Advisor & Selections, 2017-18

Bringing together visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and startup teams, to create positive global impact from New Zealand. International Fellows get exclusive access to the world's first impact-focused visa.

Loomio, co-founder, 2012-17

Worker-owned cooperative social enterprise startup making an open-source app to help groups make better decisions together.

As a co-founder I've touched every aspect, from the product design to the business model to governance. I've especially focused on organisational development, team development, transparency, telling our own story and the stories of our inspiring users, and interpreting best practice from facilitation into to the online space.

Enspiral, co-founder, 2011-17

Network of over 300 people & ventures using the tools of business & technology to get more people working on stuff that matters.

I helped grow Enspiral from a small collective of freelancers to an international network of ventures, experimenting with radically new forms of collaborating. I've focused on organisational development (structures, tools, policies), internal communications, governance, and innovating our internal economy. Served as director, executive director, member (co-owner).

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 also cofounded:

Collaborative funding tool that enables purpose-driven crowds to pool money and make decisions about how to spend it. Turns ideas into reality through collaborating with money.

International conference bringing people from technology, business, government, education, and civil society together to create a more open world. Applying principles of open source to all sectors.

Social lab for youth mental health and wellbeing, creating a flourishing society with technology, entrepreneurship, and community. Partnership of Enspiral and the Ministry of Social Development.

projects & activities
Past lives

Japanese Translator and Interpreter
Freelance, global

Technical, scientific, cultural, documents, & live interpreting.

Technical Support Team Leader
Bloomberg, London UK

Serving the financial sector. Bilingual English & Japanese.

Coordinator for Int'l Relations
Namerikawa City, Japan

Promoting multiculturalism through media, translation, and education.

BAs in Asian Studies & Fine Art
Northwestern University, Chicago USA

Double degree, plus a linguistics minor