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How to Grow Distributed Leadership

What does leadership look like when your organisation looks less like a pyramid and more like a network or ecosystem?  How do we grow leadership capacity without bosses? How do we grow as leaders when there's no ladder to climb?

Collaborating with Money

What can money be with a different set of values—based on trust, transparency and cooperation? How three open source software tools I've built help strengthen community through financial collaboration.

Full Circle Leadership

How can we understand leadership in environments without bosses? The Full Circle Leadership model works on two levels: understanding project lifecycles, and appreciating diverse forms of leadership. Discover your own leadership style, and learn how to build balanced, diverse, leader-full teams.

Open Source Organisational Development

What if not just your code were open source, but the organisation behind it, too? How and why Loomio co-creates policies and processes with all staff, and released a co-op handbook for anyone to use, fork, and adapt. Our impact mission is about democratic engagement, inclusive participation, and equitable collaboration. So we have to live into that ourselves, in how we work as a company.

Grow Your Own Economy in a Company

Don’t wait for the system out there to change — make your own rules and live in the economy you want, right now. The story of how we created an in-house bank, participatory budgeting, and a new internal economy with a community of 300+ entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and change-makers.

Inventing a New Organizational Operating System

How evolving digital technology and cultural technology create a cycle of innovation and collaboration. Bringing the message to management hackers out to "make our organizations fit for the future—and fit for human beings."

My Most Disruptive Act of Leadership

My journey learning about leadership without bosses, from my Taoist roots, to living in consensus community, to navigating Japanese culture, to organising DIY festivals, to managing volunteers in India, to growing a social enterprise community in New Zealand. And why one of the most important acts of leadership I ever took was to fire myself.

Business Influentials Auckland

Internationally renowned management expert Gary Hamel has identified Loomio and Enspiral as cutting edge innovators.

Collaborative Budgeting & Open-Source Tools

Open-source collaboration apps we've made, and the wider open-source collaboration movement.

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My Articles

Every kind of leadership has a shadow side.

Extending the model to reveal more leadership dynamics.

How learning from Māori has enriched my life.

By taking risks together, we can enable more people to become startup founders.

Want gender balance at conferences? Then expand who you think is worth hearing from.

Why transparent, community-driven financial power is a game changer.

Can it be taught or are you born with it? The evidence-based answer.

In a pyramidal organisational structure, it’s clear who is in charge: leadership is concentrated at the top. But what if your organisation more like a network, or an ecosystem — or a garden?

How does an idea become reality in a bossless network? Get beyond "dreamers vs doers" and see the whole leadership picture.

My partner and I are process nerds. Most projects we’re involved in use Agile, and it’s a set of tools and vocabulary we already share. We thought, why not run it on our relationship?

9 Decision Types You Should Know

There is no one ‘right’ decision-making protocol — different contexts call for different approaches.

Defining the Leadership X-Factor

Why lead? Is it even a choice? Can it be learned, or taught? There was an expert right there so this was my chance to find out.

Don’t wait for the system out there to change — make your own rules and live in the economy you want, right now.

On Firing Myself

My experience has taught me that firing myself is an essential aspect of purposeful, self-determined work.

Enspiral's Organisational Refactor: how we upgraded core systems and processes in a distributed network without bosses.

Leadership is the force that guides people to achieve desired outcomes through coordinated effort. It doesn’t require a boss.

dissolve authority, empower everyone, and crowdsource a smarter, transparent budget

The origin of Loomio. Innovating for True Collaborative Decision-Making.

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